More money to clear court delays

The Swedish justice system is to get 170 million kronor extra in 2008 to clear a large backlog of court cases.

Some cases take several years to get a court hearing because of budget constraints. Now, the Swedish Courts’ Service is to allocate nine judges in Stockholm County to clear the backlog, according to Svenska Dagbladet.

Lars Lindström, a judge at Solna District Court, said that one reason for the delays in dealing with cases was that the police and prosecuting authorities have received more money. This has led in turn to more people being prosecuted.

Criminal cases and family matters have priority in the justice system. This means that other cases, such as those involving commercial disputes, are forced to wait for court time. In some cases, this can mean a delay of several years.

Lindström said justice was endangered if society could not offer a solution to disputes within a reasonable period.