Child injured after violent ex-husband causes car crash

A violent clash between a woman's current spouse and her ex-husband result in a a young child needing hospital treatment on Sunday evening.

The ex-husband disappeared after the incident on the well-to-do Stockholm island of Lidingö. A warrant has been put out for his arrest.

It was late on Sunday evening when a woman pulled up outside her home in a Jaguar with her husband and three children. But just as they were unloading the car, the woman’s ex-husband arrived carrying a weapon with which he proceeded to attack the other man.

“Somehow or other the two men ended up in the car. The injured party probably hopped in and was followed by the perpetrator,” said police spokesman Mats Albertsson.

It is not yet clear whether the car began moving as a result of the handbrake being off or because one of the men started the vehicle. But what is known is that the woman’s pre-school age son was still in the vehicle when it crashed into the wall of a house.

The boy banged his head and had to be taken to Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital in Solna for treatment. His injuries are not reported to be life-threatening.

The woman’s ex-husband is wanted on suspicion of assault. It also emerged that he had directed threats at his ex-wife and her new husband earlier in the weekend.