School shooting suspect remanded in custody

One of the teenage boys arrested on Friday for allegedly planning to kill the headmaster of a Stockholm school has been remanded in custody by Södertörn District Court.

The boy, 16, is suspected of making serious threats. The judge argued that there was not sufficient evidence to support the prosecutor’s call for a charge of conspiracy to murder.

Wearing a dark t-shirt and blue jeans, the boy seemed somewhat lost when he entered the courtroom, TT reports. He clutched his head in dismay upon learning of the court’s decision but was otherwise calm. He has denied the allegations made against him.

The boy’s lawyer, Thomas Wieslander, said that he had not yet spoken with his client and did not know whether they would be appealing the decision.

The boy’s family and staff from Enskede Gård Gymnasium school had come to the courtroom to support the 16-year-old.

“It is deeply regrettable that things have turned out like this. It isn’t good for the boy or for us,” said school headmaster Rolf Öden.

He was not expecting the boys to return to the school.

“We’re back to normal at the school now. This other thing will run its course. I hope it goes well for the boys and that they get the help they need to get on with their lives,” he said.

The other suspect, 17, was released from police custody on Sunday and handed over to social services.

The two teenagers were initially arrested on suspicion of conspiring to murder the headmaster of the school.

They were taken into custody on Friday morning after teachers reported concerns that they could pose a threat. They were said to be inspired by last week’s massacre in Jokela, Finland, and the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School, Colorado.

The school said that the boys had requested copies of documents showing the layout of the school premises. They had also pointed out weapons in a gun magazine and said that they intended using them to kill their schoolmates. The boys are also said to have expressed regret that “only eight” people had been killed in the Jokela attack.