Man ‘killed wife and mutilated her body’

A man is facing prosecution after he allegedly killed his 76-year-old partner and then mutilating her body. The man, 63, is believed to have lived with her corpse for two weeks before it was discovered by police.

When police came to the house in Kinna, 60km from Gothenburg, they believed at first that the woman had died of natural causes. Only after removing her clothes did they realize that she had been stabbed several times in the chest and abdomen.

In submissions to Borås District Court, prosecutors say the man continued to mutilate the woman’s body after he had killed her. He is believed to have removed several of her internal organs and removed tissue from her spine. He put some of her body parts in the storage area of the apartment block in which the couple lived.

The man is charged with murder and desecrating a body. He has also been charged with cutting the woman’s throat in 1997.