Police swoop on illegal gambling dens

Police made multiple arrests on Tuesday in connection with nationwide raids on suspected illegal gambling operations. Officers swooped on some 150 locations around the country, including cafés, bars and clubs in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Västerås, Uppsala.

“A large number of people have been arrested and questioned,” said police spokeswoman Malin Sahlström.

The raids resulted in the seizure of 300 illegal gaming machines.

The operation was described by police as the largest ever of its kind. Police and prosecutors were aided in their investigations by the tax board, the National Economic Crimes Bureau and the Gaming Board.

“I don’t want to go into the exact number, but at least ten people are suspected of tax offences, false accounting offences and obstruction of tax checks,” said Christina Greiner, chief prosecutor at the Economic Crimes Bureau.

Many more people were arrested on suspicion of illicit gambling and various breaches of Sweden’s gaming laws.