Snow storms cause chaos on Sweden’s roads

Snow storms cause chaos on Sweden's roads
Photo: Fredrik Persson/Scanpix
Motorists are once again being advised to exercise caution on the roads as icy conditions prevail in much of Sweden following a day of heavy snowfall. Strong winds and large belts of snow are mainly expected to affect Östergötland, parts of Småland and the greater Stockholm area.

The Swedish Road Administration has warned that surfaces may be slippery along the Norrland coast, in eastern Småland and in Bohuslän. Småland in particular can expect “very slippery surfaces”.

On Tuesday evening, thousands of people were stuck near Södertörn on the Riksväg 73 road between Stockholm and Nynäshamn. Conditions had improved on Wednesday morning but traffic was still moving slowly.

“We hope to get things back to normal during the day,” said administration spokesman Nenad Matic.

Snow ploughs sent out during the night to clear the roads were hindered somewhat by a slew of abandoned cars.

The trouble started after the weather took a turn for the worse on Tuesday afternoon. The situation deteriorated in the evening, with more than twenty centimetres of snow falling in some places.

Fire chiefs called in help from the military whose all-terrain vehicles were able to help them get control of the situation.