Sweden tops Nordic shoplifting league

Sweden has the most active shoplifters among the countries of the Nordic region, new research has shown.

A global study of shoplifting trends has indicated that theft is more widespread in Sweden and Finland than in other Nordic countries. While Finland has seen a reduction since 2006, however, Sweden remains at the same level as last year.

The Global Retail Theft Barometer analyzed shoplifting trends at 820 retail chains in 32 countries, 25 of which were in Europe.

Checkpoint Systems, the company behind the study, pointed to the correlation between a lack of security systems in Swedish stores and the rate at which goods disappeared of the shelves.

“Those that have invested in precautionary measures against theft have also seen a lot less loss,” the company’s Swedish spokeswoman, Louise Alplin, told TT.

A study of 22 retail chains in Sweden, incorporating a total of 2,761 stores, showed that shoplifting accounted for 1.32 percent of turnover. Somewhat higher than the European average (1.26), this translates as 6.2 billion kronor ($0.96 billion), or 1,400 kronor per Swedish household.

The study also showed that Swedish retailers invested far less in security systems than their Nordic neighbours.

Louise Alplin did not believe that Checkpoint Systems’ position as a provider of security systems in any way reduced its credibility.

“When one compares the material produced the Swedish Trade Federation one can see that we share the same view with regard to this problem,” she said.