Security service: ‘No plot to kill Prime Minister’s wife’

Security service: 'No plot to kill Prime Minister's wife'
The Swedish Security Service has denied newspaper reports of an alleged plot to murder the Prime Minister's wife, Filippa Reinfeldt.

Tabloid Aftonbladet reported on Thursday morning that a 42-year-old postal worker had been taken into custody after revealing plans to assassinate Filippa Reinfeldt.

“Aftonbladet’s information is not correct. Nobody has been arrested, there is no preliminary investigation, the man’s apartment has not been raided, nobody has been transported to Huddinge psychiatric hospital by black-hooded and heavily armed police officers as the newspaper reported,” Säpo spokesman Anders Thornberg told the TT news agency.

According to chief prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand, the man in question was was placed in secure psychiatric care after telling his doctors that he was planning a murder.

“This is a canard. Nobody was arrested, nobody was taken into custody and nobody’s home was raided,” he told TT.

The doctors made to decision to breach patient confidentiality after the man told them he had set aside money to buy a gun.