‘Lawnmower man’ completes epic journey

'Lawnmower man' completes epic journey
Truck driver Kjell Fundin has done what no man has ever done before by traveling almost the entire length of Sweden on a lawnmower. On Thursday morning the intrepid 59-year-old from Sundsvall made history as he drove his trusty machine into Ystad town centre.

Covering a distance of 1,700 kilometres (1,060 miles), the lawnmower man took 46 days to complete the journey from Haparanda to the southern town.

The idea for the journey came about after a well-known radio show host travelled the same route on a motorcycle during the summer. Distinctly unimpressed, Fundin decided to pop off an e-mail to RIX FM’s Gert Fylking.

“I had a big mouth and said that if he could ride a motorcycle then I could drive a lawnmower. He then sorted out all the sponsorship and here I am,” Fundin told Norrbottens-Kuriren at the beginning of his momentous journey.

Travelling on his STIHL Viking at a speed of 10 kilometres per hour, the lawnmower man motored slowly down through the country, meeting crowds of well-wishers wherever he went, not all of them human.

“I was driving so slowly that cows had time to come over to the fence, shake their heads and go away again before I had even passed,” he told Aftonbladet.