Missing woman’s body found in oil tank

Missing woman's body found in oil tank
Photo: Fritz Schibli/Scanpix
A 31-year-old woman from southern Sweden who went missing last month has been found dead in an oil storage tank at her home in Teckomatorp.

Police said that Zenia Lidberg’s 31-year-old boyfriend has admitted to killing the mother of five after the couple had a row.

On Thursday, police helicopters were called in to aid in the search around the woman’s home. But to no avail.

“We then decided to conduct a further search of the couple’s home. During the evening we found her body in an oil tank inside the building,” said police spokesman Tommy Lindén.

Zenia Lidberg was reported missing on October 20th.

Her boyfriend had initially told police that he dropped her off at Lilla Torg in Malmö where she planned to spend a night out.