Man arrested for shooting sleeping builder

A 30 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a builder near Stockholm in the summer. Another man is in custody for the same crime.

Man arrested for shooting sleeping builder

The men are suspected of killing a 32 year old Finnish man who was found dead in his bed in an apartment in Tullinge, south of Stockholm, in August. The man, who owned a construction company, was shot twice while he was sleeping.

A woman who lived with the vicitim was cleared several weeks after the murder, after which she returned to her homeland.

According to inspector Markus Hanikkio, the victim had many people working under him in his construction business, which had been accused of cheating on a construction project in Jämtland.

Work on the site stopped in July, when a construction deficiency was detected, leading to the total cost of the project increasing by several million kronor. Hanikko said he could not rule out a direct connection between this incident and the murder.

The two men arrested were the victim’s co-workers, both with criminal backgrounds and both from Mjölby in southern Sweden. They were remanded in custody this week on suspicion of murder.

One of them was in Stockholm at the time of the murder, but moved back to Mjölby immediately afterwards. Hanikko said that this man “had helped the vicitm in his business.”

Hanikko added that the woman who shared room with the victim could also be involved, since she disappeared after she was cleared.

“Now we have a week to come up with a stronger charge,” he said.