Calle Jonsson retrial postponed

The planned retrial in Greece of a Swede suspected of attempted murder was postponed on Monday after the defendant failed to appear in court.

Calle Jonsson, 24, was found not guilty in April 2005 of knifing holidaying Greek waiter Christoforos Serdaris on the island of Kos in 2001. But Greece’s Supreme Court ruled last November that the case must be retired as the verdict had been reached using insufficient evidence.

The news of the postponement came as no surprise when the foreign ministry learned that the suspect had not travelled from Sweden to the Rhodes court. Jonsson’s lawyer, Leif Silbersky, had advised his client not to make the journey on the basis that, had he been found guilty, he would have had to serve his sentence in a Greek jail.

Instead Greek authorities are now likely to issue a European arrest warrant demanding that Jonsson be handed over. If the suspect is surrendered to Greece and subsequently convicted, he may request to serve his time in a Swedish prison.