Companies ‘less optimistic’ about growth

Swedish companies are less optimistic about growth prospects than they were a few months ago, according to a new survey. But despite the fall, optimists still outnumber pessimists.

The poll by Skop shows that optimism peaked in August, and has been falling since then.

Two out of five companies (38.9 percent) said they had more to do now compared with three months ago, down two percentage points since August. One in ten companies (11.9 percent) had much more to do, down 6.2 points.

Companies’ expectations of future staff needs have also been falling since August, according to Skop’s Örjan Hultåker. Still, 25.3 perent of companies said they planned to increase the number of employees, while 4.4 percent said they would reduce the number of employees.

“It is mainly in small companies that the growth in activity has fallen back during the autumn. But even in the smallest companies, those who have more to do still outnumber those who have less to do,” said Hultåker.

Some 600 bosses of companies with at least one employee, apart from the owner, were interviewed between 26th October and 6th November.