Confirmed: Porn baron major shareholder in AIK

Confirmed: Porn baron major shareholder in AIK
Photo: Gunnar Seijbold/Scanpix
The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority has confirmed that porn baron Berth Milton has acquired some 708,500 shares in football club AIK.

This shareholding represents 8.4 percent of the share capital and 4.4 percent of the voting rights in the club.

Milton’s recent share purchases make him AIK’s fourth largest owner after Fabege, Bystedt & Son and AIK FF.

Speaking on TV3’s Insider programme at the beginning of November, the Barcelona-based CEO of the Private Media Group said he intended to buy up as many shares as possible.

“My aim is to have influence. They can’t do anything. It’s my money, my club,” he said.

In October, the Private CEO was ordered to pay back taxes for ten years in which he claimed he was not resident in the country. The bill could be as high as 650 million kronor ($101 million).

He later admitted that revenge on the Swedish state was one of his main motives for acquiring a stake in the club after the government announced plans for a revamped national stadium at AIK’s home ground, Råsunda.

“A new national arena is going to be built for two billion kronor of taxpayer’s money, and AIK are going to play there. So that’s the twist: the politicians are going to build an arena for me,” he told Expressen.

“I feel that now I can finally get something back after years of harassment,” he added.