‘Bomb attack’ at prosecutor’s home

'Bomb attack' at prosecutor's home
An explosion ripped through the door to a prosecutor's home in Trollhättan, western Sweden, on Tuesday morning. Police believe the explosion was intended as an attack on the prosecutor.

The house was empty at the time of the explosion and nobody was hurt.

“It is not a pretty sight,” said Thord Haraldsson of Gothenburg Police to Göteborgs-Posten.

The noise of the explosion could be heard throughout large parts of the town.

“People heard a loud bang and soon we found ourselves outside the house,” said police spokesperson Björn Blixter.

“The prosecutor works against a certain type of crime, so it is not by chance that this explosion was directed at her,” said Blixter.

One case currently being worked on by the prosecutor involves a shooting in which several members the Brödraskapet Wolfpack criminal network are suspects. Last year she also indicted on assault charges a 27-year old man identified as the president of a local division of the Bandidos biker gang.

Forensic experts are now on their way from Gothenburg to begin an investigation.

TT/Jasmine Enberg