Swedish Christmas shoppers go green and fair

Swedish business owners are predicting a green and fair holiday season, with more organic and fair-trade gifts in stockings this year than ever before.

The Swedish Trade Federation, which represents Swedish shop owners, asked 400 retailers about their expectations for this holiday season and what trends are likely to be seen.

And the trends are already clear: more people than ever are making conscious efforts when they shop. Sales of organic and fair-trade marked products will increase rapidly, according to retailers, who stand ready to meet demand with shelves stocked.

Flat-screen TVs rank high on wish-lists, as do digital cameras and electronic games, according to the survey.

Squishy packages are also expected to be popular, with knitted clothing particularly hot. Knitted scarves and hats are predicted to be hiding under the wrapping paper.

Trips, spa weekends and delicacies are predicted big hits too.

And holiday shoppers are expected to boost e-shopping turnover to an estimated 14.7 billion kronor, or about 3 percent of total retail sales.

The total estimate of this years’ holiday shopping is 62 billion kronor, an increase of 7.5 percent compared to last year. This means the average Swede will buy goods worth about 6,764 kronor this December.

TT/Majsan Boström