Two men wanted for bomb attack on prosecutor

Police have said they are searching for two men seen outside the home of a Swedish prosecutor in Trollhättan 45 minutes before a bomb ripped through her front door.

The men were spotted near prosecutor Barbro Jönsson’s house at around 6.30am on Tuesday, shortly after the prosecutor had left her home. Police do not yet know whether the men are in any way connected with the crime.

“We are very interested in locating these men to find out what sort of observations they made. They were seen no more than a few metres from the building,” said police spokesman Thord Haraldsson.

Justice Minister Beatrice Ask was on Wednesday calling for Sweden to tackle organized crime through a larger police presence, greater cooperation between government agencies, as well as improved information-gathering and intelligence operations.

“We can’t have a couple of hundred serious criminals creating problems for our society,” said Ask.

“When it comes to protecting people who work in the legal system, it is absolutely imperative that we put away those who resort to threats or violence,” she added.

The front door of the prosecutor’s house and the wall beside it were covered in soot following the explosion, the window in the door was shattered, and a small porch over the front door had collapsed.

Among the cases currently being worked on by Barbro Jönsson are a shooting in which a number of members of the Brödraskapet Wolfpack criminal network are suspects. A prosecution against the suspects is expected to be lodged this week.

Jönsson has previously led cases against biker gang-related crime. Last year she prosecuted the 27-year-old chairman of the local branch of the Bandidos biker gang for contempt of court.

Another female prosecutor was the victim of a similar attack in May. In that case, flammable liquid was poured through her letterbox and lit. A man in his twenties was charged with arson and sentenced to six years in jail. He was later cleared on appeal.