Public think police ‘doing a poor job’

Public think police 'doing a poor job'
Swedes are satisfied with dental care and preschool programmes, but dissatisfied with the police, according to a new report.

In the study conducted this autumn by Svenskt Kvalitetsindex (SKI), just over 8,000 Swedes assessed their experiences of medical, dental, and geriatric care, as well as the activities of government authorities and municipalities.

Dental care was the highest-ranked service, with private dentists receiving higher marks than the public dental service (folktandvården), although the gap between public and private dental service was smaller than before.

A majority of Swedes are satisfied with preschool, with upper secondary school (gymnasium) not far behind. Schools for children aged 7-16 (grundskola) also received relatively high marks, but had a poor public image.

Police received the lowest marks in this year’s study. Swedes are more dissatisfied with the police than ever before. Ratings for police investigation are at a record low for both violence and burglary.

Customs has the best reputation among the government authorities, but the social insurance office (Försäkringskassan) rates poorly.

Swedes believe that the municipalities perform well in geriatric care, but are dissatisfied with programmes for integrating immigrants. They are also rated poorly for keeping citizens informed.

Jasmine Enberg