Nicole Richie backs Swedish dog urinals

Hollywood socialite Nicole Richie has lent her voice to a campaign to stop dogs peeing on lamp posts.

Nicole Richie backs Swedish dog urinals
Nicole Richie

When Paris Hilton’s dog-loving pal learned of Swedish inventor Lennart Järlebro’s plans to design a urinal for dogs, she immediately vowed to spread the word in the United States.

“This invention is just so clever. It’s a cute rubber cup attached to the post and a hose that pipes urine into the gutter,” Richie, 26, told the Daily Star.

Lennart Järlebro began designing a toilet for dogs after reading a newspaper report about the corrosive effects of dogs’ urine on lamp posts.

But he was not aware that news of his invention had spread to the US when The Local spoke to him on Thursday.

“Oh blimey,” he said. “That’s great.”

The 56-year-old inventor admitted that, while he knew who Paris Hilton was, he had never heard of her Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie, who is expecting a baby in January.

“But it’s fantastic that she wants to support my invention. She has clearly understood the problem,” he said.

Järlebo told The Local that he was putting the finishing touches to the design and had spoken to a Chinese company interested in producing the miniature urinals, which he estimated would add fifteen years to the average lifespan of a lamp post.