Jobs of the future: head teacher and IT expert

Academically-minded high school students are being advised to opt for careers as engineers, school principals, IT experts and occupational therapists.

The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations – Saco – has just published a study outlining probable labour market trends in the year 2012, when many of the current batch of final year high school pupils will be looking for their first jobs.

While it is expected to be a boom time for some occupations, those planning to train as librarians, journalists and high school teachers for pupils in their mid-teens are expected to have difficulties finding employment.

In some fields the balance between supply and demand is predicted to be just about right. Lawyers, economists and HR specialists all fall into this category.

But Saco was keen to point out that its findings should be interpreted with care.

“Our role is to provide consumer information, not best-of lists,” said spokesman Ossian Wennström.

“It’s always worth asking why there is a shortfall in certain career areas. It may for example stem from the fact that young people opt for other courses because wages and conditions are not sufficiently attractive,” he added.

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