‘Gas leak behind explosion’ at Malmö house

An explosion that completely razed a house in Malmö last week was caused by a leak in a gas box outside the property, gas supplier Eon believes.

An invisible gas cloud from the box got into the house, in the Limhamn area, through an open window. The gas was then ignited by a spark.

Eon says it does not yet know what caused the leak, but believes it could be linked to work on the house’s drains carried out shortly before the explosion. The work involved digging a number of holes in the ground outside the house, according to information received by Eon.

“We need to look more closely at this,” said Bengt Ekenstierna, CEO of Eon gas, “but it has emerged that they dug next to the house and the pipe is 60-80 centimetres down in the ground near the house wall. It must have moved.”

The gas is thought to have leaked out where the pipe entered the gas box. The leaking gas was then blown into the house by the wind.

The house’s owners left the building after hearing a hissing noise when the gas stared to leak. They were unharmed by the explosion. A further 14 houses in the area were damaged.