French Prime Minister in Stockholm for talks

France's Prime Minister Francois Fillon visited his Swedish counterpart Fredrik Reinfeldt in Stockholm on Friday for talks followed by a working lunch. It was first meeting of its kind since the year 2000.

At the top of the agenda were preparations for cooperation between the French and Swedish EU presidencies, and for a forthcoming EU summit in December.

France will assume the EU presidency for six months on July 2008, with Sweden set to take over from the Czech Republic in the summer of 2009.

The French Prime Minister told Fredrik Reinfeldt he intended to prioritize issues surrounding EU security policy.

“We want to cooperate with Sweden on a revised and expanded security policy,” said Francois Fillon.

The two prime ministers also agreed to appoint a bilateral working group to make improvements to the common market’s approach to environmental technology.

France also offered Sweden the opportunity of sending a diplomat to work at the foreign ministry in Paris during the French presidency.