Kidnapped dog found far from home

On Friday, when Ulf Sörenson and Ewa Peterson got the phone call they had been agonizing about for more than a week - Enya, their two and a half-year-old hunting dog that was abducted from her kennel on November 15th, had been found 400 kilometers away.

“We were so happy,” Sörenson told The Local. “She is our favourite little family member.”

Sörenson and Peterson have a farm outside Landskrona in southern Sweden and were out on an errand for a few hours when Enya disappeared.

“She’d always greet you at the door, but this time there was nobody there,” said Sörenson, who immediately knew something was wrong.

After calling around to neighbors Enya, a pure-bred wachtel, was still nowhere to be found. Then Sörenson called the police, but nothing.

“It was sleepless nights and hard days,” said Sörenson, who together with Peterson owns two other dogs. “I did what I had to do on the farm every day for a few hours and then we called and drove around searching.”

Their persistency paid off. By midweek, enough tips had come in to connect Enyas abduction with an Irish truck driver with a criminal background, Sörenson said.

“We got our hopes up after we heard that she was alive and out there somewhere, but then we got chills, thinking about her abductor,” he said.

Sörenson and Peterson had almost given up hope, when the call that Enya had been found came from the police.

“They told me I had to go far,” said Sörenson, expecting to go to Malmö. “I can’t believe how far he had taken her, but I would have driven anywhere to get her.”

Some employees at a store in Linköping grew suspicious when an Irish man wanted to buy a computer, and reported it to the police.

It was a sweet reunion, though it took a couple of moments for the much skinnier and not-so healthy Enya to recognize her parents.

“When the police opened the door to her pin, the otherwise happy dog just glanced our way,” Sörenson said. “But then she recognized us and exploded.”

Sörenson learned that dog abductions are much more common than he thought.

“But everyone has just been amazing,” he said. “People have been calling, sending e-mails and we really feel that everyone around cared about it a lot.”

The Irish truck driver has been charged with theft and fraud, according to TT.

TT/Majsan Boström