Doctor ‘gave near-poisonous overdose of anti-depressants’

A doctor in northern Sweden has been given a warning for giving 'poisonous' overdoses of anti-depressants to a patient. Five patients in the hospital in Norrbotten were given anti-depressant doses that were found to be too strong.

The National Board for Health and Welfare criticised the doctor for giving patients dangerous doses, seriously jeopardising at least one patient’s life.

The worst affected patient is a young man who had never been in contact with the psychiatrist before. Based on little information, the doctor gave him a dose that was too much for his body to cope with. The doctor explained that he wanted to help the patients “as effectively as possible”, although he admitted that other people working in the clinic have tried to discourage him from giving such doses.

The head of the clinic reported the doctor to the national healthcare board and suspended him from his job. The board ruled that the doctor should receive an official warning.

TT/Rami Abdelrahman