‘Road workers’ stole thousands from businessman

Two men posing as road workers redirected traffic in Gothenburg in an audacious robbery of a local businessman. The thieves made away with 730,000 kronor($116,000).

Formal charges were tabled against a 27-year-old man at Gothenburg District Court on Tuesday. He is accused of robbery or being an accessory to robbery.

The attack took place while the businessman, who owns a wholesaling company, was on his way to the bank with 730,000 kronor in cash in his car. As he passed what appeared to be roadworks near Partihallarna in Gothenburg he was met by two men in reflective clothing. They had closed the road using traffic cones and flashing lights.

One of the ‘road workers’ then threatened the man with a pistol. They forced him out of his car, and then drove it away with the money. The men transferred to another car about one kilometre away. They were seen changing cars by a witness, who noted the registration number.

Police traced the number to the man now charged. He denies all charges against him. He initially told police that he himself was threatened by unidentified men who jumped into his car. In later questioning he changed his story, saying he had voluntarily given a lift to two people. He refused, however, to give names to the police.