Nuclear reactors given 38 more years to live

The Swedish Energy Agency has estimated in a new report that the country's nuclear reactors have an average life span of 60 years, meaning that the youngest power station has 38 more years to live.

The findings were made in a nuclear report prepared on behalf of the parliamentary working committee on climate change, which will meet on Wednesday to discuss the future of nuclear energy in Sweden.

According to the agency, Swedish reactors do not need to be taken out of operation “until between 2032 and 2045”, Svenska Dagbladet reports.

“We have to trust the report handed to us by the agency experts,” said Centre Party committee member Claes Västerteg told Svenska Dagbladet.

With so much time remaining in the lifespan of the existing reactors, the parliamentary parties will be under somewhat less pressure to find a political solution to the nuclear power issue.