Plastic surgeon ‘should get six years’

Plastic surgeon 'should get six years'
A plastic surgeon from Malmö convicted of raping one of his patients should be given "at least six years" in prison, according to prosecutor Bo Albrektsson.

Speaking on the last day of an appeal court hearing, the prosecutor said that the evidence against Carl Troilius, 53, was “robust and devastating”.

“In cold blood he risked the life and health of this 24-year-old woman by completely ignoring safety precautions,” said Albrektsson, referring to the surgeon’s use of the anesthetic Propofol without the assistance of a qualified anesthetist.

Troilius was convicted in September of raping his patient while she was under anesthetic during the treatment of her bikini line.

At the initial district court hearing, Troilius said that he had masturbated after injecting himself with testosterone and that his sperm had been found on the woman after he had washed his hands. Last week however he changed his story to suggest that the woman agreed to have sex with him in exchange for a cut-price breast operation.

Troilius was initially found guilty of rape and sentenced to three and a half years in jail. But the prosecutor has argued that the surgeon should be convicted of the more serious charge of aggravated rape, partly on the basis that he abused the trust of his patient.

The surgeon’s lawyer, Helene Ek Sederholm, said on Tuesday morning that she would not be calling for her client to be released at the end of the court hearing while awaiting a verdict.

The 24-year-old’s lawyer, Elisabeth Massi Fritz, called for her client to be awarded 350,000 kronor ($55,000) in damages.

“It is reprehensible that a recognized plastic surgeon with many years’ experience would behave in this manner. In my opinion, he is not just a rapist; he is a danger to society hiding behind a nice suit,” she said.