Gap between blocs hits 13 year high

The gap between the four parties of Sweden's centre-right government and the increasingly popular opposition has widened to an extent not seen since 1994.

The Social Democrats, the Left Party and the Greens have amassed a lead of 18.6 percentage points over the ruling coalition, according to pollster Synovate’s November survey.

The last time the gap between the blocs was so wide came 13 years ago, just weeks before a government led by Carl Bildt lost the general election.

“Since last year’s election, the government parties have shed 527,000 votes, or 1,200 voters per day,” Synovate’s analyst Niclas K√§llebring told Dagens Nyheter, which published the results on Friday.

Synovate asked 2,230 people which party they would vote for if there was a general election today. The survey was carried out between November 14th and November 28th.

Synovate’s November poll (Change since previous month in parentheses)

Moderate Party 21.6 (-1.5)

Liberal Party 6.6 (-0.6)

Centre Party 6.0 (+0.5)

Christian Democrats 4.4 (-0.3)

Total 38.7%

Social Democrats 46.2 (+2.5)

Green Party 6.0 (-0.8)

Left Party 5.0 (-0.1)

Total 57.3%