Violence at Karl XII demo

Eight people were detained by police in Lund on Friday during demonstrations to mark the anniversary of the death in 1718 of King Karl XII.

Two people were formally arrested for violent resistance. One of those arrested is also suspected of attempted assault. Six others were detained. A few dozen people were involved in the march, according to police.

Demonstrators from the ’30th November Association’ gathered outside Lund Cathedral at lunchtime on Friday. The association is made up of nationalist groups from the university town and was founded following the First World War.

Counter-demonstrators met in the Lundagård park. A large number of police were on hand to keep the peace.

The anniversary of Karl XII’s death is commonly celebrated by nationalists and neo-Nazis in Sweden, and demonstrations in Stockholm and Lund have turned violent in previous years.

Despite the arrests, this year’s protests were peaceful compared to some demonstrations in the past, although the city’s Monument was vandalized. The Monument commemorates the Swedish victory against Denmark at the Battle of Lund, and is a focal point for nationalists. The Monument’s steps had been covered with red paint and white feathers and the text ‘Lund – Nazi free zone’ had been daubed on it.

Police in Stockholm said they were prepared on Friday after the National Socialist Front was granted permission to march through the capital.

Karl XII fought a series of battles against Russia, Denmark, Saxony and Poland. Between 1715 and 1718 he ruled Sweden from Lund. He was killed in Fredriksten, Norway, on November 30th 1718 by a bullet between the temples.