Biker gang paid 200,000 by council

A municipality in eastern Sweden paid a biker gang 200,000 kronor to move away from the region.

The deal came after the local branch of the Outlaws gang rented a hangar in Sandviken, 200km north of Stockholm. The local government offered to buy the hanger from the landlord under the condition that the rental agreement with the Outlaws was terminated.

According to Gefle Dagblad, the owner got cold feet about evicting the gang, which has been associated with organized crime:

“These are not run of the mill guys you simply toss out onto the street,” he said to the newspaper.

In order to finalize the transaction, the local government paid the gang 200,000 kronor to clean out the premises. The agreement was sanctioned by all parties except the Moderates.

“They wanted a whole lot more than they got. We only paid for the initial outlay, which they did and had a receipt to confirm the transaction,” said mayor Stefan Hedin to Gefle Dagbladet.

“Sometimes you have to use unconventional methods to find suitable solutions. What you have to remember is we went through with the transaction in order to remove them from the region and we succeeded in doing that,” he said.

TT/Vic Bassey