Underground clubs raided in Malmö

Malmö police on Friday night raided several underground clubs in Sweden’s third largest city. In one of the clubs, what appeared to be cocaine was found in one of the speakers.

The National Tax Board, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, rescue services and social services all joined forces with the police on the raids against several underground clubs around Malmö.

No one was arrested in connection with the raids, but two clubs were forced to close after rescue services pointed out that the use of the club’s facilities constituted a breach of health and safety regulations. The owners of the clubs are also suspected of breaking alcohol laws.

The largest raid took place at a club on Monbijougatan t in the city centre, where hundreds of youths were gathered to drink and dance the night away.

Apart from the confiscation of ten bottles of strong beer and ten litres of strong alcohol, there were also trace amounts of suspected narcotics.

Although no one was arrested, the 55 year-old club owner is renowned for questionable activities and is currently the subject of an investigation.

“We hope we can get the club closed down as soon as possible. They rent space and claim it is an association with membership. That is nothing more than a front,” said Håkan Gustafsson of Malmö Police.

“We are however starting to see some progress. We have succeeded in shutting down five

clubs this year and believe there are now fewer guests at the clubs, said Gustaffson.

TT/ Vic Bassey