Swedes remain opposed to euro

While Denmark is planning a new referendum over whether to join the euro zone, a new survey has shown that more than half of Swedes would vote ‘no’ if a similar referendum took place in Sweden today.

According to a Sifo survey published in Aftonbladet, more than half of all Swedes would support holding a new referendum regarding Sweden’s membership. But a majority would still vote to retain the krona.

Some 52 percent of those surveyed by Sifo said they would like to see Sweden remain outside the euro zone, while 39 percent recommended adopting the common currency. Sifo said men were more positive than women.

The results showed that general feeling towards the euro has not change much since the last referendum in 2003, when 56 percent of Swedes said no, while 42 percent voted in favour of the new currency.

Next autumn, Sweden is set to receive the rotational presidency of the bloc.

The poll results were based on a representative sample of 973 potential voters questioned in the period from November 26th to 29th.

TT/Rami Abdelrahman