Swedes to receive subsidized medical care in EU

The Swedish government has said it wants to broaden the geographical scope of the national healthcare system to enable Swedes to receive subsidized medical treatment in the rest of the European Union.

Under a proposed new scheme, patients will be guaranteed care either in another county within Sweden or, failing that, another EU country if healthcare providers in their local county cannot deal with a certain case within 90 days, Svenska Dagbladet reports.

In order to receive treatment outside the local county, a patient must first receive documentation from local doctors detailing the patient ‘s needs. Foreign physicians must then certify that care will be given in accordance with internationally accepted methods.

The government envisages that counties will take over the financing of medical trips to the EU from next year or 2009 at the latest.

Meanwhile, the Moderate Party said it plans to renew its political agenda regarding health, to focus more on discussing the quality of health services across the country.

A group led by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s wife, Filippa, said it would raise several issues regarding the quality and availability of hospital services nationwide.

Filippa Reinfeldt, who is in charge of Stockholm’s hospital services said the work group would focus on three main questions: how can hospital services become more attractive to employers, how can it be more available for patients, and what will happen when large numbers of hospital workers enter retirement during the next 10 years?

Writing in Dagens Nyheter, Filippa Reinfeldt said that her party had many reasons to be self-critical regarding their healthcare policies.

TT/Rami Abdelrahman