Swedish men are getting greener

Swedish men are becoming more aware of environmental issues, according to a new survey. Blanket media coverage of climate change has led Swedes in general to become more environmentally-conscious consumers.

59 percent of people said they considered the environment when choosing how to heat their homes. 53 percent said the environment was a factor in their choice of car, while 47 percent said they thought about the impact of their grocery shopping on wildlife and climate change.

The findings were presented in an annual survey by insurers Länsförsäkringar. The survey also revealed that women are more aware of green issues than men. Women tend to choose greener products, separate their recycling to a greater extent and are more likely to think twice before taking the car to work.

The gap between the sexes is narrowing, however. Compared with last year’s survey the number of men who think twice before driving to work is up ten percent, as is the number who consider greener heating.

Swedes are greenest on the issue of sorting their recycling. 90 percent say they separate their recyclables from their other waste.