Women ‘smuggled Chinese children to Sweden’

Two women have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the organized smuggling of Chinese children to Sweden.

The women, both of whom are of Chinese origin, were arrested in Västerås, 100km west of Stockholm, last Tuesday, according to Petra Sjölander, spokeswoman for the Swedish Border Police.

One of the women is in her thirties, the other in her forties. The older woman is a Swedish citizen. They were remanded in custody on Friday at Attunda District Court. They are suspected of people smuggling and organizing people smuggling.

The arrests follow the arrival of two Chinese boys at Stockholm Arlanda Airport on Sunday 25th November. The boys, who were travelling alone, were placed in one of the Swedish Board of Migration’s transit homes while their asylum applications were considered.

Police, who suspected that the boys would try to leave the facility, monitored comings and goings from the home. On Tuesday the boys left the building and headed to an address in Västerås. There, the two women were arrested by police.