Man fired for dying hair

A man whose boss sent him home from his job at an advertising company for dying his hair red and black has been fired.

Man fired for dying hair

Markus Persson, 26, who erected supermarket displays for Helsingborg company Reklamfabriken, became a national celebrity when he was suspended due to the daring new haircut.

The conflict with Reklamfabriken’s boss Stefan Dinesson led on Monday to Persson’s dismissal, according to union newspaper LO-Tidningen.

“There are rules to follow. If you don’t follow the rules, you must face the consequences” said Dinesson in a comment on Persson’s dismissal.

Persson had been sent home from work to re-colour his hair. His failure to do so meant that his absence was unauthorized, according to Dinesson, who said that this was grounds for dismissal.

Lawyers at trade unions questioned Dinesson’s reasoning.

“This doesn’t stand up. It was, after all, the employer who sent this fellow home. It seems to be an attempt to get around the basic question,” said Dan Holke, chief counsel at union legal service LO-TCO Rättsskydd.

Persson is not a member of a union, so would have to arrange his own legal representation. He said on Tuesday that he did not want his job back after everything that had happened, but added that he felt badly treated and wanted justice.

“I have been discriminated against,” he said.