Doctors sue state over dismemberment claim

Two doctors cleared 23 years ago of murdering prostitute Catrine da Costa will on Wednesday sue the Swedish state for 40 million kronor. The reason: the court that found the men not guilty of murder wrote in its judgement that they had dismembered her dead body.

The men, commonly referred to in the press as ‘the general practitioner’ and ‘the pathologist’, were charged in 1988 with murdering da Costa, whose dismembered body had been found four years earlier.

The doctors were cleared of murder, but in their judgement judges wrote that they had dismembered the body – a crime of which they had not been charged and on which the statute of limitations had expired.

Both men were struck off the medical register as a result of the judgement.

The men are now claiming damages from the state, claiming their lives have been destroyed by a long line of unfair decisions by authorities.

Another judgement that forms part of the men’s case against the state is the decision in 1991 by the district administrative court of appeal to confiscate their licences to practice medicine.

Lawyers for the ex-doctors say their clients have lost their rights and their jobs, have become socially isolated and have been subjected to “terrible harassment.”

The case is to be heard by Sollentuna District Court on Wednesday.