Boy killed by school bus

A seven-year-old boy died after being run over by a school bus in northern Sweden on Tuesday afternoon.

The boy’s jacket got stick in the door when he stepped off the bus in Hovra, near Ljusdal, 330km north of Stockholm. He was accompanied by a relative at the time.

An ambulance was sent to the scene and the boy was taken to hospital, but he was later pronounced dead.

The driver is currently not suspected of any crime, but police say the accident will be investigated.

“It is awful when things like this happen, but I don’t believe that accidents like this are common,” said Anna Grönlund, head of the Swedish Bus and Coach Federation.

“Generally speaking, the driver should monitor passengers boarding and leaving. Certain buses are also equipped with sensors that detect when someone is trapped in the door. I don’t know what it was like on this bus,” she said.

Most accidents involving school buses happen when children board or leave their buses.