Conscript dies after accidental shooting

A Swedish army conscript has died after being accidentally shot in the back during a shooting exercise in Skövde in western Sweden.

The accident occurred when a stray bullet ricocheted and hit the soldier at 2.30pm on Wednesday.

Having quickly received emergency first aid, the soldier was taken by ambulance to Skövde Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

“He died on the way to hospital. He was taken away in an ambulance at 3pm. His conditioned worsened on the way and doctors pronounced him dead when he arrived at Skövde Hospital,” said army spokeswoman Camilla Broberg.

The accident occurred at a relatively inaccessible section of the Skövde artillery range.

The soldier was a member of a Grenadier Company attached to the Nordic Battle Group. The unit is expected to be ready for foreign deployment by January 2008. The soldier, who came from Södermanland, began his military service during the summer.