ICA beats meat retreat

A scandal surrounding the repackaging of meat has led supermarket chain ICA to consider revoking the franchises of the offending members.

ICA beats meat retreat

In a further move, sanitation comany Anticimex has been called in to examine every ICA supermarket in the country.

The chain has also decided to withdraw its popular television advertising campaign this Christmas.

All four ICA Maxi stores caught illegally repackaging meat on SVT’s investigative programme Uppdrag Granskning have now issued formal apologies to their customers.

“We are very sorry that Maxi Haninge has been associated with cheating and falsification. It feels absolutely terrible,” wrote store managers Mikael Andersson and Mikael Gadd, who accepted responsibility for not ensuring that staff followed the correct procedures when handling meat.

Markus Lönnroth, manager of ICA Maxi in Botkyrka, was equally repentant.

“There is no doubt that we have done wrong. I am ashamed that we failed to obey the law and this has led to some anxiety for you as a customer,” he wrote on the store’s website.

Södertälje manager Jonas Berg and Nacka manager Mats Nilsson also admitted that major mistakes had been made.