Plastic surgeon gets four year jail term

A plastic surgeon from Malmö convicted of raping one of his patients has had his jail term extended from three and a half to four years by the Court of Appeal.

Carl Troilius, 53, was also ordered to pay his victim 180,000 kronor ($28,000) in damages.

Troilius was initially found guilty of rape but the public prosecutor successfully argued that the surgeon should be convicted of the more serious charge of aggravated rape, partly because he abused the trust of his patient.

Prosecutor Bo Albrektsson told TT he was very pleased with the court’s verdict, particularly the decision to convict the plastic surgeon of aggravated rape.

“What is most spectacular is that this happened at a clinic. I have never been involved in a case like it before,” he said.

At the initial district court hearing, Troilius said that he had masturbated after injecting himself with testosterone and that his sperm had been found on his 24-year-old patient after he had washed his hands.

Later however he changed his story to suggest that the woman agreed to have sex with him in exchange for a cut-price breast operation. The appeals court dismissed this claim.