Social Democrats and Left ‘could form government’

Sweden's Social Democrats and Left Party would garner enough votes to form a majority government if an election were to be held today, new figures have shown.

A new survey from Statistics Sweden has shown that the Social Democrats and the Left Party would account for a combined 51 percent of the votes.

The Social Democrats and Greens could also assemble a majority government if current trends prevailed until the next general election.

The four parties in the ruling centre-right alliance – Moderates, Centre Party, Liberals and Christian Democrats – have dropped 8.3 percent since last year’s election to a combined total of 39.9 percent.

Support for Sweden’s largest party, the Social Democrats, has grown by 10.9 percent since the 2006 election.

The survey was based on telephone interviews with a random sample of 9,383 voters carried out from October 29th to November 25th.

Statistics Sweden November party preference survey (Changes since May in parentheses)

Moderates 22.6 (-1.3)

Centre Party 6.2 (-0.3)

Liberal Party 6.5 (+0.6)

Christian Democrats 4.6 (+0.2)

Social Democrats 45.9 (+1.0)

Left Party 5.1 (+0.2)

Green Party 5.2 (-0.3)

Others 3.9 (-0.1)