Volvo recalls 49,500 diesel cars

Swedish automaker Volvo, a subsidiary of Ford Motor, said on Thursday it had recalled 49,500 cars worldwide due to a technical problem with diesel filters.

“After a certain time of driving, the filter becomes full more quickly than we had estimated, which gives bad performance,” Volvo spokeswoman Maria Bohlin told AFP, adding that the problem was due to the software linked to the filter.

“When the particle filter is full … it becomes hot. There is overheating (and) … in a very worst case scenario, there could be a fire,” she said, emphasizing however that no such incidents had as yet been reported.

The problem could arise in Volvo C30, S40 and V50 models with 1.6-litre diesel engines made after 2005, Bohlin said, adding that European countries, especially Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Sweden, were most affected by the recall.

Recall letters have been sent to the owners of all of the vehicles potentially affected, which would be repaired free of charge, she said.

Just last month, Volvo recalled 56,000 cars due to two separate problems linked to airbags and engines.