No white Christmas for most Swedes

A white Christmas has been all but completely ruled out for southern Sweden, with forecasters predicting that everything south of Dalarna will stay green over the festive season.

No white Christmas for most Swedes

The news will put the dampers on festivities for children – and grown-up children – but will be welcomed by drivers heading away for the Christmas break.

Swedish national weather service SMHI predicts that the next ten days will see little or rain or snow south of lake Siljan, 320km north-west of Stockholm.

“The ten-day prognosis is pretty safe,” said SMHI meteorologist Jonas Höglund.

The news means Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö will all be without snow for the holiday period.

Anyone who really needs to get a fix of the white powdery stuff is being advised to head to northern Dalarna or further north. Even the coast of Norrland could see its thin coating of snow melt away.