Swedes favour rent controls

A majority of Swedes are in favour of retaining rent controls on rental apartments, a new Synovate survey has shown.

Of the 1,080 people interviewed in a poll commissioned by the Swedish Union of Tenants, 55 percent of respondents considered market rents a bad idea. 26 percent were in favour of the introduction of market rents.

58 percent of those living in rental accommodation believed that doing away with rent controls would lead to higher rents, while 9 percent thought rents were likely to drop. The remaining tenants were either uncertain or believed that rents would remain unchanged, the union said in a statement.

In October, Sweden’s ruling Moderate Party dropped its previously stated aim of axing strict rent controls on apartments and replacing them with market rents.

Supporters of rent controls say they prevent segregation between rich and poor areas, with affordable apartments available even in rich parts of the city. Opponents say that the system creates a black market in the swapping of rental contracts, and point to the fact that segregation exists despite the rent controls.

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