Swedes send record number of gifts

The number of packages sent by Swedes this Christmas looks set to reach record levels, with Swedish postal service Posten reporting that it handled 326,489 packages on Monday night.

The figure represents the largest number of packages ever handled by Posten in a single day, and an increase of around 50 percent on the number of packages handled on an average day.

“This is great, of course, and a significant increase on last year,” said Henrik Höjsgaard, CEO of Posten Logistik.

The pre-Christmas period is always the busiest time of year for package deliveries, but the current high level of economic growth means that this year’s festive period is particularly intensive. As well as an increase in the number of packages sent between ordinary people, there has also been a rise in the amount of business to business mail.

The Swedish Retail Institute estimates that internet retailers will see takings of 2.5 billion kronor over the Christmas period. In a recent survey by the institute, seven out of ten people said they would use the internet in their Christmas shopping, with electronics and books the most popular gifts bought online.

“The upturn in retailing and distance shopping is naturally significant for us as well,” said Höjsgaard.