No new probe into Knutby sect murder

Prosecutors in Uppsala have said there will be no new investigation into the Knutby sect murder, despite information handed in by pastor Helge Fossmo, who was convicted in 2004 of inciting his nanny to kill his wife.

Fossmo’s lawyer, Peter Althin, last week handed in a formal request for a new investigation to the prosecutor’s office in Uppsala. Fossmo said he had information that indicated that Åsa Waldau, a senior sect member known as the Bride of Christ, was involved in the crimes.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Gunilla Strömblad rejected the application on Wednesday, according to Uppsala Nya Tidning.

Fossmo was sentenced to life imprisonment for conspiracy to murder and attempted murder. He had sent text messages to nanny Sara Svensson to encourage her to murder his wife and his neighbour, who was married to his lover.

Svensson was committed to a secure mental hospital after being found guilty of murder and attempted murder.