King gets raise from state

Sweden’s royal family is to get significantly more money from the state next year, with the government raising its grant, known as the Appanage, by 12 million kronor to 109.5 million.

”There are two main reasons for the relatively large increase in the grant,” said Lena Westin, a civil servant at government offices, to Dagens Industri.

”Security needs to be raised to a higher level at the Royal Palace, which at the moment does not have a reception, for example. The other half of the increase in the grant is for Crown Princess Victoria’s increased number of official duties.”

King Carl Gustaf can dispose of 55.86 million kronor of the Appanage. This has to cover the royal family’s upkeep, staff wages, travel, state visits and official entertaining. The rest of the grant goes to the upkeep of the royal palaces.

It is unclear whether any money has been set aside for a wedding during 2008, although a document leaked in the autumn appeared to suggest that money was being made available for the Crown Princess’s marriage.