Sweden’s population boom continues

Sweden's population is continuing to grow at a rapid clip, according to preliminary figures from Statistics Sweden.

By New Year’s Eve, the country’s population will have reached 9,184,000, the agency estimates.

The increase can be largely attributed to immigration figures, which are the highest since records began.

Some 100,000 new immigrants will have begun calling Sweden home by the time the fireworks are let off to mark the beginning of the New Year.

Birth rates were also higher than average in 2007, with the number of births (107,000) outnumbering deaths by 16,000. This can be compared to 2002, when the birth surplus was just 806.

Emigration figures, though practically unchanged since last year, remain relatively high. Some 45,000 people are expected to have left Sweden by the end of the year. As with immigration, Swedish nationals make up the largest group.

Others leaving the country in large numbers include, Nordic citizens, Germans, Brits, Chinese and Americans.