Book about Jesus saves Swedish writer – twice

Swedish writer Göran Skytte has twice been saved from serious head injuries by copies of his own book, One Year with Jesus', Malmö newspaper Kvällsposten reports.

Last year, Skytte, 62, was cycling around a roundabout in Malmö when he was run over by a car and fell head first onto the road. The accident resulted in a broken arm.

“But I was saved by my shoulder bag, which landed just under my head. Miraculous,” he told Kvällsposten.

In the bag were copies of One Year with Jesus, all wrapped up in padded envelopes.

Then, just over a week ago, Skytte was involved in another traffic accident. While crossing the street in Malmö, he was knocked off his feet by a BMW.

This time his injuries were more serious, and the author looks set to be confined to a wheelchair for the next few weeks. But once again he happened to be carrying around copies of his book.

“My rucksack saved me from smashing my head on the street,” he told Kvällsposten.

The writer said he was not making any claims that his books somehow represented a form of divine intervention.

“You can interpret it however you like. But my egg shell wouldn’t have survived without them,” he said, tapping his head.

Göran Skytte is a well known figure in Swedish life. In the 1970s and 80s he worked as a prominent left-wing journalist for ETC and Aftonbladet.

In 1990, he began hosting his own immensely popular talkshow on national television.

In latter years Skytte has switched political allegiances as well as becoming a practising Christian. As a freelance writer, he continues to contribute regular columns to national daily Svenska Dagbladet.

His book, Ett år med Jesus – One Year with Jesus – consists of sermons and discussions on the life of Jesus Christ.